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Pet owners in Jensen Beach, Port St Lucie, Stuart, and all over the Treasure Coast, have a great opportunity available from Savanna Animal Hospital. We are so excited to offer our clients a way to take great care of their pets and save money in the process.
We now offer a Pet Care Rewards Membership. The cost is $44.00 per year, which is the cost of one office visit. You will get 2 free office visits with your annual membership, so it pays for itself. That is not even the best of the rewards!
Here are the Member Benefits!

Great Care Starts Here


• Instant rewards of 10% Cash Back that will be loaded onto your membership card with Every purchase and can be used

as real money towards future services.

• We will Donate 2% of every dollar you spend here toward services for a local animal non-profit

• There is complete transparency and accountability through our membership platform

• 2 Free physical exams (illness or wellness) throughout the membership year

• One Complimentary nail trim on Your birthday

• The 6th night of boarding free when your pets stays for 5 consecutive nights

• Many Other Exclusive Benefits, including discounts and bonuses offered throughout the year

• For every NEW client that comes in for an appointment after being referred by a Pet Care Rewards member, that member will get $5 loaded to      their rewards balance

Prevention is the best medicine!

Healthy pets make healthier people. Many studies have proven the emotional and physical benefits that pets bring to us, from lowering depression to having an increased sense of purpose. The impact that our four-legged family members have on us is immeasurable!

Our clients have been very enthusiastic about this win-win reward program. So what is in it for us you ask…..We want to reward our clients for taking great care of their pets and keeping them healthy and happy. When clients have healthy happy pets, they refer their friends to us, and we also offer this rewards back program as an opportunity for our clients to have services performed for their pets that they may not otherwise have been able to. For example, Mrs Jones brings Junior, her big loveable pit bull in 4 or 5 times a year, because Junior has allergies to pollen and grasses. Her cat Fuzzy does not get to come in every year for her wellness visit because Mrs Jones uses most of her pet care budget for Junior’s allergy relief. Now that Mrs. Jones has a reward card, her rewards can be used for a free visit for Fuzzy at least once a year, AND she can use her accumulated reward dollars for senior blood work to be sure that 10 year old Fuzzy is as healthy on the inside as she looks on the outside. Mrs. Jones is happy and tells her neighbors, they call us at Savanna Animal Hospital and bring their pet for a visit, and Mrs. Jones also gets $5.00 for each referral added to her reward balance!

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