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Sep 24 2013

Waiting Room

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2 thoughts on “Waiting Room”

  1. Scott Dick says:

    Looking for a place to take our year old Tan lab “Harley” to stay from July 30 to August 11. Heard your name from Betty Delgado.

    1. barnold says:

      I am so sorry that I missed your message earlier. I am only 26 days late….jeez.
      We would love to have your Harley come to stay with us. Feel free to stop by to see where Harley would stay and you can speak to our pet loving staff!. Harley would be in the air conditioning most of the time, and go out to the yard a few times a day.
      Our direct email is [email protected].

      Thank you! I apologize again for missing your message.

      Becky Arnold
      Practice Manager

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