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Jul 02 2015

Hot Summer in Jensen Beach, Savanna Animal Hospital tips for keeping pets cool


In Jensen Beach Pets Can Beat The Summer Heat

In Jensen Beach Pets Can Beat The Summer Heat

The heat here in Jensen Beach, nearly like the surface of the sun, has been unseasonably high. Here at savanna Animal Hospital we are working through a recently replaced AC that went on the fritz, and the part won’t be in for a few more days.

The Blog topic was obvious…how do we keep our pets safe and cool through this weather.

Dogs, cats, and other pets can not sweat like we can, therefore the heat and humidity can cause their body temperature to rise to unsafe levels if they are not protected from the high summer temps. First and foremost, keep your pets indoors in the air conditioning just as you would do for yourself. Keep plenty of clean water available at all times. If you like to take your dog out to walk or exercise, do that when the temps are cooler and the humidity is lower. High humidity makes it harder for a pet to lower their temperature by panting, so late night and early morning are best, Stay safe with reflective gear for your pet and yourself.

Some dogs and cats love ice cubes, and you can make a block of ice and treats for your pets by using an old margarine type tub, and put water, and a few treats and even a toy that can be frozen. Freeze then pop it out and let them lick and play with it to release the goodies. Beware …it makes a mess so the back porch or lanai might be the best place for it.

Some dogs like frozen bits of water melon or green beans. Water melon is considered a cooling food, in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine so it cools them inside and out.

Getting a baby pool and putting water and toys in there is a great cool down game, be sure to monitor your pet for safety. The beach is not a good place for dogs to cool off, unless it is early morning or close to dusk. Rinse the salt water off of your pet to keep their skin healthy.

Please remember that we can wear shoes when the temps cause the sand, sidewalks, and roads to get super hot. Dogs can get burned paws, and sometimes you will only notice that they start to lick their feet later, and you may not realize that they have burned their pads.

Never Ever leave your pet in a car in the hot weather, even with the air conditioner on (the car could stall) , if it is 75 outside the interior of the car can get over well over 100 degrees.

Don’t forget that your little pets can get too warm also. You can freeze bottles of water, as an instant cage cooler for bunnies, ferrets, and other small pets, if they are on the porch or where there is no air conditioning. The little pets will often gnaw on the bottle, so it can cause the cage to get wet and messy, you can freeze a small amount of water in the bottle. Don’t use lunchbox freeze blocks because they may have a toxic chemical inside. Please check any out door pets often. Be sure they are always shaded, have some type of breeze or cooling system, and plenty of fresh water. Flies and mosquitoes are attracted to outdoor pets and their living areas, maggots and diseases can appear quickly and overwhelm an confined pet.

Enjoy our beautiful Florida weather and stay safe and be happy.

Hug your loved ones and let them know you care.


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